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CBSE Board Date Sheet Out!

This post is about 2 weeks delayed, but here it goes. My CBSE board exam date sheet for class 12th was recently published and I find my exams stretching from 2nd-21st March. I currently have the following as my study subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English and Economics (optional). The date sheet for my subjects goes as:

March 2, 2009 (Monday): Chemistry

March 6, 2009 (Friday): Physics

March 13, 2009 (Friday): English

March 17, 2009 (Tuesday): Economics

March 21, 2009 (Saturday): Maths

To view the complete date-sheet for all subjects, click here.

Now I find the date sheet extremely unfair compared to the date sheet for students with a different subject combination. Physics, one of the most dreaded subjects, has just a 3 day gap after Chemistry. On the other hand, we get one whole week for English, a subject that virtually requires no preparation at all! The major problem occurs with Economics, which is my optional subject. So precisely placed that it reduces the leaves before Maths to 3 and itself has a 3 day gap after English. For students with other optional subjects like Biotechnology, there is a whole week before their Maths exam and they have lesser holidays for English, which is apt. One little surprise is for the Medical students, for many of whom the Boards get over on the 16th of March itself!

Hope that the not-so-good date sheet does not do any harm. Lets just wait and see. For now, its heavy study time!!


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Review: Slumdog Millionaire


Director: Danny Boyle, Loveleen Tandon (co-director)

Starring: Dev Patel, Freida Pinto, Irrfan Khan, Anil Kapoor.

Screenplay: Simon Beaufoy

Music by: A.R.Rahman

Now we all know how much buzz this movie is creating right before its Indian release and no one needs an introduction about the movie, especially after it swept the Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Awards. With the Indian release date set at 23rd January, the movie is sure saving tons on promotion as literally every news channel I surfed today ended each bulletin with a 10 minute show on Slumdog’s run at the Golden Globe. Also, the movie’s musical is highly anticipated after A.R. Rahman became the first Indian to win a Golden Globe for his music in the movie.

For starters, this movie is different! Not like anything you might have seen from Hollywood. The movie explores deep into 18 year old Jamal’s (Dev Patel) journey from the slums of Mumbai to being the star of the nation after being one question away from the jackpot prize money on the famous Indian TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati. Before the moment arrives for him to answer the final question, Jamal is arrested on suspicion of cheating. The police inspector who interrogates him is played by our very own Irrfan Khan!

The show’s host, who in reality was Amitabh Bachchan, is played by Anil Kapoor. Incidentally, the very first question asked is one about Amitabh Bachchan. As he continously defies expectations by answering questions that not many scholars would find answerable, we get to peer into the life of Jamal and how he rages an eternal battle to wrest his love Latika (Freida) from the scum of Mumbai’s slum-bred dons.

The actors don’t particularly have a lot of screen-time and the movie is basically shown through flashbacks. Though its a very nice movie, I was heavily let down after watching the movie, basically ‘coz I expected too much from it in the first place. And that was before the Slumdog Millionaire fever had swept India. I’m sure people will find this movie extraordinarily nice, though deep down everyone who felt the pre-release frenzy will feel let down.

But one thing is for sure, A.R.Rahman is the God of modern day Indian music. No doubt about that. Hats off to that guy for the wonderful music given in the movie. But what I have seen from the Hindi trailers is that probably some additional Hindi songs have been added to the Indian version, Slumdog Crorepati. But that’s still just a doubt. Anyways, watch this movie at least once, do not miss it.

I’ll give it 8/10.

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Happy New Year!

So we’ve bid adieu to 2008 and the new year has been ushered in. I’ll keep this post precise and wish a very happy new year to all my friends and their families! Put the last year behind you and live 2009 to the fullest!


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