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Chemistry [02.03.2009]

So, as I promised in my previous post, I’m here with my review of the Chem exam on Monday. Yeah, I know I’m a bit late, but hey at least I posted it before the next exam! So, Chem got over and I’m feeling sort of relieved. The worst subject I’ve had to study in the recent times, all cramming up and no room for logic. So, I did what I was adviced, mugged everything up (at least as much as I could) and vomited everything onto the answer sheet! If you ask me one question from Organic Chemistry at this moment, I’ll give you that blank look you expect from the dumb (or for that matter, the deaf).

To start with, I reached the examination centre a li’l late than I hoped. Most of my friends had already occupied their rooms in their classes and I could not talk to most of them, you know, the pep-up talk before the exam! The exam started on time and we got enough time to read it and plan how to answer things before we were allowed to write. The question paper had 30 questions in total. 8 one-markers, 9 two-markers, 10 three-markers and 3 grand five-markers. The second half (the 3 and 5 markers) went perfectly well for me. Don’t see much wrong that I did in those. But the 1 and 2 markers were a bit bad. Messed up a few of them. The general reaction from the people was that the exam was easier than they expected (and I wanted to shoot them for that). So, in all it was a not-good-not-bad exam. Hope to get around 50 out of 70. I know that is not enough, but I’m keeping the Best-of-Four system in mind. I had devoted much less time to Chem, compared to Physics. Thanks to that, I’m already almost done with Physics, which is on the 6th. It feels great when you know that you could do well even if the exam was the next day! So, I got two more days to prepare Physics. Am realistically aiming for more than 55 (minimum) in that.

Hope things go better in that one. So, I’m off for now! Got to get back to studying. Physics is one rare subject that I have an interest in! I really like studying it when I’m in the mood! Haha! Anyways, catch you people later. Cheers!


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