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Physics [06.03.2009]

So, here I am! Another exam passes by and this time it was Physics. This was the subject I was most confident about out of my main subjects of Physics, Chem and Maths. I had prepared best for this subject, especially after getting the shock of my life in the Pre-Boards where I managed a gargantuan score of 25 on 70! Haha!

So, I was done with the preparations early with this one and it was revision time mostly in the 3 days we got before the Physics paper. I got up this morning to a real strange feeling, I felt damn sure that I wasn’t gonna manage more than 40. Nothing could shake that belief. I tried recounting all those derivations and portions of theory but couldn’t remember most. Scary moments, those. But thankfully, I didn’t get panicky and the feeling passed. I completed my last minute revisions on the way to the center. Once there, my morale was buoyed when many of my friends didn’t seem to know most of the important topics when I started discussing them, haha (I know, I’m a sadist at times).

So, unlike the last exam, I got to the center real early, with more than half an hour to spare. Spent the time scaring people around! A few of them looked like they were gonna pee in their pants when I told them about stuff that was surely gonna come as 5 markers, which of course they hadn’t prepared! Haha! Was real fun, if you ask me!

Anyways, the layout of the Physics exam was a lot similar to that of the Chemistry exam. It again had 8 one markers, 10 two markers, 9 three markers and 3 five markers. I did most of the one markers correct. Messed up a couple of them. The two markers and three markers were awesome! Filled sheet upon sheet with their answers. Nothing much went wrong there, will most probably lose a maximum of 3-4 marks in the whole section, but you never know until you check your results! But then again messed up a bit in the 5 markers. Will get around 10 marks out of the possible 15 there.

The paper was a bit lengthy, and most of the students complained of that. I had left a few questions in between, whose solution wasn’t striking me earlier. I had planned on coming back to them after I attempted the rest of the paper. But I was left with only 10 minutes to complete those questions, which carried a total weightage of about 8 marks. Thankfully, I did them correctly. But in the hurry, I could not derive an expression properly in the final question!

So, I’m expecting a total of around 55-60 out of 70 in this one. I surely cannot complain about that, though I still feel that disappointment at having missed 90 (possibly)! So my next is on the 13th (Friday), English. I’m planning on preparing Economics and Maths in the coming few days and then I’ll  sit down to study English, just for a couple of days or so.

So, once again, lets hope the next one will be fine! See you people later. Chao!


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