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English [13.03.2009]

What a day for an examination! Friday the 13th! I never realized that until I was filling out the ‘day and date’ section on my answer sheet, haha! Anyways, it was English today, so I hadn’t prepared much for it. I had a week long holiday for it after Physics, so I utilized that time to sharpen (rather, start) my Maths and Economics. I sat down to prepare for English on the 11th, but decided it was too much of an effort to ‘study’ it. So I left it for 12th evening. I gave the chapters and poems a reading and went through the writing-skills portion, rummaging through the formats and samples given in the reference book. I was all done in about 3 or 4 hours.

Now what pissed me off a lot was the fact that almost everyone I knew kept calling me, relaying their fears and worries for the English paper! English paper?! I mean, c’mon, its okay if you got a few doubts or something. But a few people call me and they’re like, ‘Yaar Varun, I read the format for the official letter from just 3 books. And can you imagine, I’ve mugged up all the literature questions just twice! And not to speak of the fact that I just gave 4 days for English! Sheesh, I’m certainly gonna flunk!’. I mean, were they all preparing for an entrance for the post of HOD at Nucleo-Molecular Sciences at NASA?

Anyways, I reached the center early again and was greeted with a crowd resembling the ones at Sadar Bazar at peak trade hours, as every student from the three schools had English, irrespective of their streams. So, I got the question paper, which had three sections. The first was reading skills, the second writing skills and the third was the literature section. The weightage of each section was 20, 35 and 45 respectively. I did the paper in about two-and-a-half hours and didn’t make any mistake as far as the literature and reading sections are concerned. The writing skills was awesome too, poured in good content for the article and newspaper report. I shot-off the word limit for a few questions, but never by more than a margin of 10-20 words. So I guess that should be fine. But in the end, everything comes down to the person who finally checks the answers sheet. Everything depends on him. If a sensible teacher checks it, I’m sure I should easily get over 90. Easily. But there are high chances that I’ll end up around 85 or maybe even lesser if the teacher had a heated argument with his wife the previous day, or if his breakfast didn’t taste as good as he hoped it would or maybe even if he had to shout at a couple of people for causing his car to slow down. Anyways, I’ve done my best and rest should hopefully be fine.

So, my next is on the 17th, Economics. A really important subject that. Need to study hard for it. I’m done with it once, though that is never enough. So, lets again hope that the next one would be fine. See you people later, then. Chao!


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