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Mathematics [21.03.2009]

So, the final exam was here! This would end my Boards Exams, and I was most worried about this one. For a change, I had done all the questions in the book before the exam and my confidence grew. I knew I had to get this exam straight or else I’d be doomed!

So, I decided to attempt the question paper from the last question, ending up at the first. Everytime, I would do it the other way and then miss out on the 6 mark questions as time would run out. So, I started with the 6 markers first. There are 7 of them. I did 6 of the correct and did half of the 7th. Should do fine though, it was more than what I expected in the 6 marks’ section. Then came the 4 markers! Arrgh! I always screw these up! There are twelve 4 markers in the maths exam, and I did around 8 of them correctly. The rest of them , I solved as much as I could and left the rest. So I would be losing around 10 marks there! Crap!

Then came the short answers, the 1 mark questions. I did all of them correctly. That was important, as they are the most scoring and at school I never got more than 5 of them correct. So, when I made a final assesment, I guess I should be getting 80-85 in this one. So, the final exam was bad. But considering it was Maths, I can say that this was a great improvement over the 36 marks out of 100 I managed in my pre-boards exams! Haha!

So, the boards are now finally over, and its time for a little fun. But then I have my engineering entrance exams lined up in April, starting from the 9th. I have to prepare for them too. For around a week, I’ll spend the time watching movies, hanging out with friends, listening to songs and all. After that, I’ve got to get back to studying.

So, for now thats it. I’m enjoying my (temporary) freedom. Catch you people later. Cheers!


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