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I am a guy who can’t live without sports. They form an integral part of my life and I follow almost all sports worth watching. To start with, I’m an Arsenal FC fan and a true Gunner. Ferarri is the one phenomenon that defines all of F1 and I can’t imagine auto-racing without them. Coming to cricket, I’m an Indian and root for The Men in Blue. Sachin Tendulkar, according to me, ranks among the top sportspersons of all time. In tennis, I follow Roger Federer and also the Indian trio of Mahesh, Leander and Sania.

I play football at my beloved football club, named 56 FC, with my friends. Together we take on the task of bringing down all the inflated football egos by defeating every opponent we meet, which we have been doing for the past 7 years. 56 FC is one of the dearest things in my life and I have had some very memorable moments with my friends while representing the side.

Though I don’t post a lot about sports on my blog, you can find all that I have posted here.

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