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Review: Ghajini

Directed By: A. R. Murugadoss

Produced By: Allu Arvind

Starring: Aamir Khan , Asin Thottumkal, Jiah Khan

The hype surrounding this movie was huge and I was one guy who really wanted to see this movie as soon as possible. But after watching it finally, to say the least, this movie is a complete dead-brainer! A movie filled with so many loopholes that it could fill the Grand Canyon, action so drub that it would remind you of the South Indian flops of 10 years ago and the goons so old-fashioned that you might wonder whether this movie was really made this year.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like Aamir Khan and make it a point not to miss any of his movies and after watching Memento, I had really high expectations from the movie. But all those expectations came crashing down to the Earth after watching this movie. The plot centers around a man who has Short Term Memory Loss, a condition that prevents him from making new memories as he forgets things after every 15 minutes. Sanjay (Aamir) loses his lover, Kalpana (Asin), when she is killed by Ghajini, the high ranked owner of a pharmaceutical company. Though Kalpana dies on the spot, Sanjay gets severely injured on the head while trying to save her and the injury results in Anterograde-Amnesia, a condition where he loses all his memory and is unable to make new ones. Sanjay then sets out for revenge, by collecting facts and clues about Ghajini and noting them down on Polaroid photos and tattooing them on his body.

Now, as I said earlier, the loopholes come in plenty in the movie and you can virtually see the ‘Made in South India’ watermark on the action sequences! What happens when 10 men round up Aamir Khan to beat him up with their menacing looking rods and chains? You guessed it, all of the 10 end up on the floor with immense pain delivered by Aamir’s karate chops and kung-fu kicks. What happens when the owner a small-time pharmaceutical company kills tens of people within days? Yes, nothing! What happens when you’re hiding in the closet from a group of goons searching for you? Your phone starts ringing, obviously! I really thought Bollywood had grown out of it! These things quite sum up the entire plot of the movie. And there were couple (or maybe even more) action scenes that make you laugh out loud at their impossibility and patheticity! Watch it if you are an Aamir Khan fan and you might be less-disappointed.

This movie adds to the already long list of Bollywood’s big budgeted movies of 2008 that failed to make an impact, though it seems it will also be the highest revenue earning movie of the year. It has already raked in Rs 90 Crore within the first 5 days of its release!

Anyways, I’d give it a 4/10.


December 31, 2008 Posted by | Movies | , | 3 Comments