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Sachin falls on 99….yet again!!

The day before Diwali was expected to be a great one. But it wasnt one….wakin up early morning, 56 FC daparted for a match against South City. The mood was so light that we never even considered the fact that we might end up losing. And yeah, u guessed it right….a pathetic 3-0 defeat. They did not win the match for themselves, but we lost it for them…!! It was really frustrating.
Returning from the match, a few friends and I were discussing the Indo-Pak match that afternoon. Once again, we never thought that this Indian side could lose to such a hapless-looking Pakistan side. And once again, India lost the match rather than Pakistan winning it!!
When the match started, i soaked up all the energy of the match and was watching Sachin (The God of Cricket) play the way only he can. I felt a sort of completeness that i had never felt, for it had been a long time seeing him play those sort of shots. It was a great feeling. Toying with the Pakistani bowlers and making fun of them. And before i know it, he’s on 99…!! Great..!! The whole crowd stands up ready to applaud, the Indian dressing room also eagerly waiting, cameras ready in the hands of some staff members there. And then lightining strikes- Sachin caught behind on 99!!!!!
I could not believe it, nor could anybody else (including the Pak players)!! I jus stood gazing at the TV for a minute or two before i came back to my senses. Anyways, the match continued and i watched hopelessly as India went from 186-1 to 260-7!!
And then the third dissapointment of the day…Pakistan winning the match with one ball remaining!!! Wow!! A great warm-up to Diwali!!!
But anyways, Diwali was better than expected with friends and families gettin together to burst those crackers and make a lot of noise. Eating and driking continued side-by-side all the time.
An awesome day that was….
Anyways, i just understood the same thing 3 times that day- never underestimate ur opponents or else ur in for some serious heart-breaking moments 😛 !!

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