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Blogging again…!!

Spent the whole day today customizing this blog. It really is a tiresome job for a beginner like me. I first made a blog in May last year but had to give it up. Why? ‘Coz i forgot to make a backup of the original template and pasted the script of some flashy looking template i found on the net instead. Result: My blog was blank except for a few pictures featured on the template. I didn’t know how to come back from it and scrapped the idea of blogging.
Then the idea of blogging struck me again and i made a new blog and posted some stuff on it. But with the exam season beginning, i left that to stagnate too.
But now that the exams are over, ive decided to revive that same blog. Spent a lot of time customizing it and yeah, took basic precautions like making back-ups of the templates 😛 . Added a few widgets and played around with the text colours. Hope this look is good for this blog. I really hope i have stuff to keep posting on this.
Any suggestions to improve this would be appreciated very much 🙂 . So, have a happy time reading my blog!!!


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