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Happy New Year!

So we’ve bid adieu to 2008 and the new year has been ushered in. I’ll keep this post precise and wish a very happy new year to all my friends and their families! Put the last year behind you and live 2009 to the fullest!



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Merry Christmas!

Here’s wishing everyone a merry X-Mas! Enjoy and get soaked in the holiday spirit. Live the last week of the year to the fullest and spread the cheer around.
Also, with the last few days of the year around the corner, I’m thinking of doing a ‘Total Recall’ post, recalling my memories of the year and also posting things that one should remember the year 2008 by. It would basically have things like the top movies, best music, events to remember or the people who made it big in 2008. Hope to do that soon, but well, only if time permits :P.
So, wishing you a Merry Christmas once again and hoping that you have a good time.

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Happy Diwali!!

Here’s wishing every reader of this blog a very happy Diwali!! Have a blast today! Burst a lot of crackers, but play safe with them. May you have a great year ahead!

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