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School Days Are Over!

With Friends on The Last Day At School!

With Friends on The Last Day At School!

Ahh! So yesterday was the last day at school for our class 12th batch at Summer Fields School. Well one can’t help but but feel a little bad about leaving it so suddenly, but well, at least the last day was great!

Officially, it was The Ashirwad Ceremony, where we were supposed to take our teachers’ blessings and get inspired to do great in life. But sadly, the Ceremony itself was pathetic. Until last year, it was conducted with grandeur and most of the students carried it as a memory while moving out of the school life. But ours’ was a simple speech by a chief guest we had never heard of. Some talks about the crashing economy (don’t know how that’s related to us students!) and hey presto, the ceremony was over in 15 minutes! It would otherwise be a 2 hour-odd event with each student lighting up a diya and placing it near the holy lamp, with shlokas being recited by juniours on the stage followed by an informal speech by the Principal that would, for a change, really inspire most of the students!

After the ceremony, we all moved on to our classrooms and scribbled each others’ shirts with remarks and best wishes! Most of us were clicking pics to remember the day by. Many (like me) got their faces painted with permanent markers and total chaos ruled until a few teachers’ complained of too much noise that was disturbing the juniours who had an exam that day. Then followed the distribution of a few mementos and gifts for the students and we also got our CBSE Boards’ Admit Card. To end the school day, we met up with many teachers and sought their blessings. Check out the whole gallery of pics here.

The students broke up after that and eight of us went for a movie (Dev D) in a nearby mall. After watching the movie and having a few things to eat, we made our way back home and got back to studies!

In all, it was an exciting day, though the fact that school’s over still stings! For now, its study time as the Boards are just around the corner. Cheers!


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